Rebuilt 2 F.L.Y.

building relationships

Through key partnerships that include The Nashville Predators Foundation, Youth For Christ and several other community partners, the Rebuilt 2 F.L.Y. or Forever Love Yourself Summer Experience, provides key programming centered around building relationships with peers, family, community and themselves. Our F.L.Y. Girls participate in a process that incorporates social-emotional learning through crucial conversations, weekly field trips, creative activities, and character development workshops.

breaking through barriers

Additionally, through a partnership with the Metro Nashville Police Department, participants get the opportunity to go through a week-long, one of a kind experience aimed directly at girls: The Youth Citizens Police Academy. This portion of the experience directly addresses strained relationships with law enforcement and girls in urban communities. This component provides youth and police the opportunity to answer tough questions head-on and take a closer look at each other's worlds.

It's not just a camp, it's an experience!

pre-program data


  • 90% said they didn't trust the police prior to the program and that they have had a bad interaction with the police
  • 77% said they felt uncertain that if they saw a police officer on the street they would bother them
  • 72% said they did not feel the police made their neighborhoods safe

post-program data


  • 100% said that their perception of the police had changed from negative to positive
  • 100% said that since the program, they believe police officers and youth can have positive relationships
  • 86% agreed that since participating in the summer experience and youth citizen’s police academy, they now believe police play a positive role in society 

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a one-of-a-kind experience

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